Other application

Concrete repair

Concrete rehabilitation under most difficult condition, above salty and contaminated water, extremely confined space are our speciality. The right mix design, the right strength, right equipment and set-up, those elements are the success of any concrete repair job.


Shotcrete for swimming pools have one huge advantage to conventional construction method. No joints, no brittle and/or leaking rubber joints. A monolithic construction method enables us to minimize water loss to water evaporation. We consider monolithic structures as the toughest structures built. To improve the permeability of the final product, Micro Silica is added to the shotcrete mix. Compressive strength of 35-45MPa are common results with SNI-mix designs.

mining / tunneling

When the drives are narrow, the shaft diameter small, the ventilation not optimal, the installation far away, that is where we, SNI can help you with a solution to either put up a proper rock-consolidation, whether protection, or simply a safety layer in your tunnels. Long standing experience in Lepanto and Philsaga gives us the advantage to know what confined space means.